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Food Handling Level 1 - Aged Care & Child Care


HLTFSE001 - Follow Basic Food Safety Practices

This course is designed for all people handling food in the Community and Health Service industries. (Child care, aged care, hospitals, meals on wheels etc).

This unit of competency describes the skills and knowledge required for basic food safety practices including personal hygiene, conduct when working in a food service environment, basic pest control requirements and basic food disposal requirements.

It describes the most basic level of competence required by any person in any industry who directly handles food.

You need to have some previous experience dealing with food safety but this can be in a restaurant, cafe, sporting club, school canteen, child care aged care centre, simulated environment or volunteering at your local sausage sizzle at the footy club! Our Food Safety course is designed to be as flexible and straight forward as possible!

Below is the information you will learn throughout this training course:

  • Food handling is carried out according to the food safety program
  • Processes or practices which are not consistent with the food safety program are identified and reported
  • Corrective action is taken within the level of responsibility, according to the food safety program
  • Personal hygiene meets the requirements of the food safety program
  • Health conditions and/or illness are reported as required by the food safety program
  • Clothing and footwear worn is appropriate for the food handling task and meets the requirements of the food
  • Locate and follow workplace information relating to food safety responsibilities relating to own work
  • Monitor own work and implement any controls as required by the food safety program
  • Handle, clean and store equipment, utensils, packaging materials and similar items according to the requirements of the food safety program
  • Identify and correct or report situations or procedures that do not meet the requirements of the food safety program
  • Take necessary precautions when moving around the workplace and/or from one task to another to maintain food safety
  • Report health conditions and illness as appropriate according to the food safety program
  • Handle and dispose of recalled or contaminated food, waste and recyclable material according to food safety program
  • Maintain the work area in a clean and tidy state
  • Identify and report signs of pest infestation according to the food safety program
  • Appropriate bandages and dressings to be used when undertaking food handling
  • Suitable standard for materials, equipment and utensils used in the food handling area
  • Responsibilities for maintaining the work area in a clean and tidy state Use and storage of cleaning equipment as required to carry out own work responsibility
  • Waste collection, recycling and handling procedures relevant to own work responsibilities

We pride ourselves on our learning platform which is filled with many short DVD's and visual images making this training course a fast and effective way to obtain your Nationally Accredited Certificate.

All our training courses allow students to complete their course in their own time.

That's right, there are no lock outs and no penalties if you get any answers wrong!

All of the information that you need to answer any of the assessment questions is given to you during the training. (You won’t be asked anything that you haven’t read). At any time you can print off and save any information that you want.

On completion of the course you can save and print your certificate and we also offer you a course workbook in a PDF. This is handy for future reference and when council come around!


Please note:

You are required to read and fully understand the Train to Gain Student Handbook & Complaints and Appeals policy before enrolling in any of our courses.

Please click here to read the Student Handbook

Please click here to read our Complaints & Appeals Policy



If you are in the ACT then please read this Guide for Food Businesses in the ACT before you pay for your Aged Care & Child Care Food Safety Supervisor certificate!

You may need to contact ACT Health to get advice on what Food Safety Supervisor certificate you need.

Phone: (02) 6205 1700
Email: hps@act.gov.au



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