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New South Wales (NSW) Food Safety Training Information


Train To Gain is approved by the NSW Food Authority

How do I get my certificate?
It's as easy as following these 4 steps for the quickest, cheapest and most convenient way to get your NSW Food Authority certificate:

  1. Register with a NSW post code.
  2. Select the NSW $179 Food Safety Supervisor Hospitality and Retail course.
  3. Make payment and enter the postal address where your NSW FSS certificate will be express posted.
  4. Start enrolment and complete online course.

Total course fee: $179
With Train To Gain there are no hidden fees or charges.

Upon completion of the course you will receive the NSW Food Authority Food Safety Supervisor certificate PLUS a Nationally Accredited Statement of Attainment that is recognised in every other State of Australia.

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Breakdown of Costs

$139 Nationally Accredited Certificate - This can be downloaded automatically at the successful completion of your course

$30 NSW Food Authority Certificate - This is what the NSW Food Authority charge us

$10 Express Postage, Administration & Handling - This ensures you will receive your certificate within 5 to 7 business days via express post after you have successfully completed the course.

That's it!


You will need to ensure that the FSS certificate is kept on the premise at all times, as council inspectors may request to view the certificate during an inspection.

The NSW Food Authority certificate needs to be renewed every 5 years.

When an FSS holder’s certification expires, a food business has 30 days to ensure:

  1. The FSS renews their training within 30 working days; or
  2. Another FSS with a current qualification is appointed


Please note:

If a certificate has been deemed successfully delivered by Australia Post (or has been returned due to an incorrect or insufficient address being supplied) there will be a $35 fee charged for any reissued certificates.

If a customer wishes to receiv e a NSW Food Safety Supervisor certificate after they have previously gained the Nationally Accredited Statement of Attainment with Train to Gain, after September 2015 there will be a $75 fee charged to cover postage and administrative costs. Please email us directly for this request at: contact@traintogain.com.au

Unfortunately we do not accept any Train to Gain Statement of Attainments before September 2015. This is a requirement from the NSW Food Authority as there is updated information within the course content since September 2015.

Below is some information directly from the NSW government website to give you peace of mind!

Food Safety Supervisors & training:

New food laws require certain food businesses in the NSW hospitality and retail food service sector to have at least one trained Food Safety Supervisor (FSS). Businesses have until 1 October 2011 to appoint their trained FSS and notify the relevant council of their FSS.

The FSS must be trained by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) approved by the NSW Authority.
(Train To Gain is approved by the NSW Food Authority)

NSW Food Authority Information

For further Food Safety Supervisor information please click here.


Postal address:
PO Box 6682
Silverwater NSW 1811 Australia.

For licensing enquiries:
PO Box 232 Taree NSW 2430 Australia
1 Macquarie St, Taree NSW 2430 Australia


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