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NSW Food Safety Supervisor Refresher Course - ONLY $109


If you already have a NSW Food Safety Supervisor Certificate you can renew it online with us today!


Log back in (top right) of the website or re register if you have updated your details.

Select the NSW refresher Course option. If this option is not coming up for you, it means you did not select NSW as your State. Simply click on your name which is on the top right corner of the page, this will take you into a section where you can update your details, make sure you have selected NSW as your State, click update and then click on the Start button tab above and now the refresher course will appear.

(We require your old NSW Certificate number so have this handy as this gives you the discount! Once only fee of $109.)

Begin your course & when you are finished we will post out your new Accredited NSW Food Safety Supervisor Certificate within 5-7 days of completion of course. Please refer to the NSW section of the map for more details about the FSS Certificate.Its that easy!


When an FSS holder’s certification expires, a food business has 30 days to ensure:

  1. The FSS renews their training within 30 working days; or
  2. Another FSS with a current qualification is appointed

Please click here to go to read what NSW Food Authority have to say about Refresher Courses!

 This is an example of a NSW Food Safety Supervisor Certificate that we will mail out to you when you complete your training!


Train to Gain offers students the easiest and most convenient way to gain their NSW Food Authority's Food Safety Supervisor (FSS) certificate.

  • Nationally Accredited and Recognised by the NSW Food Authority -
  • Please check us out under 'Train to Gain' Click Here- NSW Approved Trainer List
  • 100% Online NSW Food Authority Refresher Course!
  • Course fee: ONLY $109
  • Valid for 5 years
  • Stress free & Convenient!
  • Renew your NSW Certificate without leaving the house!
  • Get the most up to date training material available!


Renew your NSW Food Safety Supervisor Certificate Online Now! CLICK HERE!

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