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Many people in the food and service industries are uncertain about their training requirements, especially when they have some experience and already know the basics of how to safely handle food. For veteran food handlers, a certificate may feel redundant. However, there are still some fundamental reasons for why a certificate is necessary. To learn more about your training requirements, and what you may learn from a food handling course for VIC, be sure to read on to find out what Food Safety Education’s online courses can provide.

What You Need to Know About Food Safety Training

Every year, thousands of people get sick as a result of food poisoning or other foodborne illnesses. As a result, Australian federal legislation states that anyone who handles food must receive training in food safety, as governed by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ). While this may sound like a complicated process, it is quite simple. Food Safety Education’s programs are designed to help you get the food handling certificate for VIC that you need to ensure that you are meeting this essential requirement easily and conveniently. We are nationally accredited, so you can rest assured that the training you receive will meet all FSANZ and other legal prerequisites.

The courses through Food Safety Education are accepted in all states, for every industry where food handling may be involved. Whether you work in a hotel, hospital, school or restaurant, this training is for you. The primary requirement for beginning our courses is that you have had some prior experience in food handling. This could mean working at a restaurant or café, or it may be something as seemingly trivial as having volunteered at a local soup kitchen. If you meet this basic requirement, you are eligible to begin training with our online program.

How to Get Your Food Safety Certificate for VIC

Food Safety Education is a fast, easy, and trusted way to become certified for Victoria or anywhere else in Australia. When you begin your online training with us, you will be able to set your own pace and enjoy the easy layout of our program. Should you run into any issues, we also provide full customer support to ensure that you can complete your training promptly and receive the food safety certificate for VIC that you need.

There’s no need to stress about your training or certification when you rely on Food Safety Education’s online courses. Our food handling course for VIC is intended to refresh you on what you should already know, while also introducing some concepts that may be new to you as well. After learning the ins and outs of food safety, you will receive your certification and be ready to go on your way. All it takes is a matter of hours before you’re all set to hit ‘Print’ and have your new certificate in hand.

Why wait for this essential legal requirement? Get started with training today and receive your food handling certificate.

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