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Take This Food Safety Course Online to Learn Proper Hygienic Practices

Proper hygiene practices are essential no matter where you are, especially when handling food in a work environment. Thanks to Australia’s thorough food safety laws, every employee handling food in a business must be trained and certified on hygienic practices and food handling to ensure that customers aren’t in danger of food poisoning or harmful bacteria. In Australia, there are more than five million reported cases of foodborne illness every year, resulting in 100 deaths from bacteria and viruses including hepatitis A and salmonella. These are avoidable if every food handler understands the best practices for hygiene and food storage. That’s why you should have every employee that handles food take this food safety course online.

At Train to Gain, we’re one of the country’s top food safety training organisation. As a nationally accredited organisation, we provide education and certifications based on the country’s food safety laws. We provide customers all throughout Australia with our training and are the preferred educators of companies including Costco, Crust Pizza, and Sodexo. Thanks to our dedicated training staff, we’ve created an easy-to-follow, up-to-date program that will thoroughly educate and motivate your employees.

Because our trainers have all worked in the hospitality and retail industries, they understand and are passionate about food safety and handling. You’ll get the best education available through this food safety course online. The best part’s that you can take the entire training on your personal computer from your own couch or bed. You won’t need to come to a classroom.

To discuss the proper training units for you and your employees, call us on 0400 757 645.

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