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Working in Hospitality? Take This Food Safety Program Online

If you’re running a business in the hospitality industry, the chances are that a lot of your staff handles food throughout the day. If you’re handling food meant for your customers, proper food safety training is a serious requirement that benefits both your business and those customers. The most important aspect of your business is keeping food safe for your customers, and proper food safety training helps ensure that you do so. As you likely know, it’s a requirement for all food handlers in your business have training in food safety, and most even require a food safety supervisor. Why is all this necessary? There are more than five million reported cases of foodborne illness every year, in Australia alone. Without proper training on handling and storage, your customers are susceptible to multiple forms of bacteria and viruses including salmonella and E. coli.

It’s serious stuff. That’s why our team at Train to Gain has made it our goal to provide the country with the best food safety program available online. Thanks to our team of dedicated, experienced staff, we’ve created a comprehensive training program that you can do from the comfort of your own home. Through our training, you’ll learn everything you need to know about food safety from a nationally accredited organisation. Once you and your staff have finished training, you’ll have official certificates for food safety and handling. Your business and your customers will thank you.

For 25 years, Train to Gain has provided hospitality and retail training, including this food safety program. Available online for added convenience, you’ll love the thorough yet easy to follow education. To sign up for our program, call us on 0400 757 645 today.

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