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Why Food Safety Matters and Where to Obtain Your Food Safety Supervisor Certificate through an Online Training Course

Business owners have many different responsibilities that keep them busy throughout the day. It’s easy to find yourself overlooking things that may not seem important – until they cause problems. Foodborne illness is a growing issue in Australia and elsewhere, and this should be a significant concern for anyone running a food-based business. That’s why it’s a legal requirement in Australia for all food handlers to complete food safety supervisor training, online or in person. Many areas, such as NSW, also require that food-based businesses have food safety supervisors available. You must also have a food safety program in place.

Foodborne Illness in Australia

Millions of people each year contract a foodborne illness, and some of these cases prove fatal. Many people miss school or work, leading to loss of income, disruption for their employer, or lagging behind in class. A staggering number of people visit the doctor each year for an illness related to food that was improperly handled or prepared. Bacteria and viruses such as salmonella, listeria, hepatitis A, Campylobacter, and E. coli can cause severe food poisoning, and the occurrence of this has been on the rise. The fact is that many of these cases are avoidable with proper food handling procedures. Food safety training is essential to ensure that workers understand their responsibilities when it comes to handling food.

Training Requirements

Food handlers in Australia require training in food safety. If your business is located in certain states or territories, you are also required to have a food safety supervisor you can contact at all times. Food safety supervisors are allowed to work for only one business (in one location) at any given time. A food safety supervisor certificate online is a nationally recognised qualification as long as the certificate is obtained from a provider that meets local regulations and the training is in the units of competency specific to the industry in which the student works. If you do not comply with food safety laws, you can sustain significant fines. Severe cases of non-compliance can cause closure of a business, either temporarily or permanently. NSW and some other states also list offenders publicly. Finally, you may even face lawsuits by individuals who become ill because of improperly handled food at your business.

Where to Find a Food Safety Supervisor Course Online

You can avoid the consequences of noncompliance by ensuring proper training for your employees in a nationally recognised course, such as the one offered by Train to Gain. Train to Gain is an Australian-owned, nationally accredited training program offering 100% online courses in food safety education. AQSA authorizes us, and we are also approved by the NSW Food Authority Council. We undergo annual audits to maintain our accreditation and make it our number-one priority to deliver quality training to our students. Contact us today to find out more about our food safety training courses.

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