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Required Food Safety Supervisor Training Certificate and Where to Find a Course in Sydney

There are numerous reasons it’s essential to have a Food Safety Supervisor if you’re running a food-based business. Food businesses in NSW are legally required to appoint at least one FSS. The purpose of the FSS is to ensure safe food handling practices to prevent foodborne illness to customers and staff. Incorrect food handling can lead to many cases of foodborne illness, costing significant amounts of money in lost revenue and healthcare expenses. When you have an FSS in place, you protect your business and the people involved when it comes to serving food.

What Is a Food Safety Supervisor?

An FSS is a person trained to identify and prevent risks associated with the improper handling of food in retail food businesses. These individuals must hold a current Food Safety Supervisor Certificate in Sydney and cannot be the FSS for more than one company at a time. Establishments with more than one location must appoint a separate FSS for each. An FSS can also train and supervise others about food safety. The FSS may be an independent contractor, or it may be an employee or manager or even the owner of the business, as long as they have the required certification.

Who Needs an FSS?

Businesses need an FSS if they process or sell any of the following:

  • Ready-to-eat foods
  • Foods that require temperature control
  • Foods that are not sold in the original packaging from the supplier

These businesses include restaurants and cafes, caterers, takeaway shops, bakeries, pubs, hotels, food market stalls, mobile food vendors, and supermarkets (hot food sales). You must appoint your FSS from the time you begin handling and selling food. If your FSS leaves, you have 30 business days to employ a new one. Of course, it isn’t the sole responsibility of the FSS to manage food safety concerns; everyone involved is responsible for handling food safely. Business owners must establish effective food safety processes, notify their business with the local council, ensure that they remain in compliance with all relevant food safety regulations, and have the knowledge and skills pertinent to their food duties, in addition to appointing an FSS.

Where to Find a Food Safety Supervisor Course in Sydney

Food safety supervisor training in Sydney is different from learning general food safety skills. This particular training is mandatory for all food handlers. An FSS must obtain a certificate from an accredited course, approved by the NSW Food Authority Council. At Train to Gain, we provide high-quality food supervisor training courses and more. Our Australian-owned business has been a leader in the hospitality industry for over 25 years. We make it easy for our students to receive the qualifications they need with fast and easy yet high-quality courses. You will be able to download your certificate straightaway and begin working as an FSS when you complete this course. Train to Gain is a nationally recognised training program helping people obtain the certifications they need to work in the food industry. Contact us today to learn how to get started.

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